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srijeda, svibanj 30, 2007
Kip Fucks Shaun Corbin Fisher video of amateur college men


It's time for new Corbin Fisher's update!

There's absolutely no doubt, throughout this video, that Kip and Shaun were turned on by one another, into one another, and horny as all hell!

Why is a video with hardcore fucking coming up on a Tuesday!? Well, fucking is only part of the story, here! Sure, Kip's hot cock plunges in and out of Shaun deep and hard and drives him over the edge to a powerful orgasm; of course, Shaun's ass looks insanely hot while getting plowed by Kip; absolutely, Kip loved every second of pounding Shaun and Shaun loved every second of being pounded, but it's everything that leads up to the fucking that makes this video that much hotter!

These studs are kissing each other, cocks are being swallowed, tongues are getting sucked on, hands are all over the place, and the body contact is intense from the get go!

This is the kind of sex these two studs would have in their dorm rooms - getting so worked up and lost in the foreplay and kissing that by the time they get around to fucking they're both hovering on the edge of orgasm. It's like they knew they were going to fuck and wanted to fuck, but were having so much fun leading up to that point that they didn't want to stop with the foreplay too soon! Yum :)

It's been too long since we've seen either Shaun or Kip on Corbin Fisher, and this video is a great way for all of us to be reminded of what hotties they are!

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petak, svibanj 25, 2007
Corbin Fisher amateur jock Dawson fucks Gage


Gage had proven himself to be quite the passionate, intense top when he topped a guy for the very first time here on Corbin Fisher, with Derek on the lucky receiving end. Gage loves to kiss, feel, lick, grind, and obviously can't get enough body contact - making sure every single inch of him is completely involved in what he's doing - when going at it, and he won himself an army of fans with his first guy/guy hardcore vid!

Knowing just how intense he was as a top, I was insanely eager to see him bottoming for the first time! I knew the stud taking Gage's Corbin Fisher cherry had to be just as intense and passionate as Gage, and we all know Dawson fits that bill perfectly! Dawson can fuck like a jackhammer and also gets every single ounce of his muscles self fully involved in every video he's in!

Sure enough, the pairing worked out perfectly and the action was intense right from the start! When these studs suck each other's cocks, they do it with gusto! When they kiss, it looks like they're about to swallow each other's tongues and faces! When Dawson fucks Gage, he drives his cock all the way to the hilt!

Finally and fittingly, both of these studs get each other off at the end of this video as each has an orgasm as intense as everything leading up to it!

I always love to see a CF star-in-the-making such as Gage lose their cherry to a proven CF star such as Dawson. It's a fitting way for a CF education to progress and reminds us we have plenty to look forward to from each of these studs!


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srijeda, svibanj 23, 2007
Corbin fisher amateur guy Alex


I had a total blast when Alex came over for his shoot!

I'll admit, I'm often guilty of stereotyping guys before I've met them. With Alex, I wondered if he'd have an attitude or be a cold and mean guy. I don't know why, but that thought often pops into my head when I see a big, buff bodybuilder - even after all the buff, ripped, and totally nice, friendly and wonderful guys we've had here at Corbin Fisher over the years!

I really liked Alex's look, though, and so simply had to have him down for a shoot despite somewhat fearing what his personality was like. Lo and behold, Alex turned out to be one of the friendliest, most easy-going, soft-spoken and chill guys we've filmed that I can remember! He truly was a tremendous pleasure to be around. So, mea culpa, Alex!

Alex was a pleasure to be around on account of more than just his personality. He's got an amazing, buff bod and a hot face. He also has a hot, thick cock that fires off an incredible load when he cums.

Thinking that this big, buff, bodybuilding college stud might have an attitude was a big, bad assumption on my part. It gives me hope, though, knowing I also assumed this big, buff, bodybuilding college stud would probably have zero interest whatsoever in guy/guy work. So, as long as I erred once, here's hoping I did it twice! :)

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ponedjeljak, svibanj 21, 2007
Corbin Fisher straight stud Gabe and TJ fuck


I wish I could set the website to play some grand, triumphant orchestral music as this video comes online. It'd be a fitting accompaniment for the video that's being unleashed here!

Many believed it would never happen (hell, I didn't for quite the longest time!), but it's finally here! Gabe fucks another guy! And boy, does he ever fuck him!

When Gabe engaged in his first ever guy/guy sexual contact with Dawson in their bi and blowjob videos, I had mixed feelings. Firstly, I was thrilled and overwhelmed. At the same time, however, I was freaking out! What if that was as far as it went?! What if a BJ from a guy was all we'd ever see Gabe do with another man?! What if that video ended up teasing and leading us all on more than anything else?! Certainly, seeing a stud like Gabe get his first ever BJ from a guy after being on the site for so long, while tremendous and insanely exciting, has the capacity to be insanely frustrating if that's as far as it ever goes!

But, as we see here, it wasn't as far as it'd go! It took a good long while to get Gabe to agree to the next step, but things finally started looking good for precisely that scenario and when it came time for us to take a trip up to the rural farm with a bunch of the guys, I asked Gabe if he'd join us and give topping a try while there. My winning smile (and checkbook!) made it happen, and I couldn't be more excited!

We finally get to see that big, thick dick of Gabe's plowing another guy's hole! We finally get to see Gabe going at it in some hardcore man-on-man action! I knew I had to pair him up with a fellow straight stud that had proven himself not only able to bottom and bottom well, but also bottom for a big dick! TJ was the perfect candidate, as few guys look as hot as he does while getting fucked. Further, TJ just looks hotter and hotter every time he appears in a new video! He's obviously been hitting the gym and has one of the tightest, most toned, perfectly-proportioned bodies on the site - a body that'd look fantastic all tensed up and bent over, taking Gabe's big dick!

These guys compliment each other wonderfully, both having dark features, amazing bods, thick cocks, and being proven studs.

You can tell Gabe's a bit nervous in this video, but he's also quite the trooper and once he gets into just how great a man's tight ass feels wrapped around that thick dick, he's fully into fucking away! I also think that Gabe found himself pretty astonished another man was handling that dick of his in their ass!

But I suspect, as with any video of this magnitude, you stopped reading this intro long ago and went right to viewing it. I can't blame ya! So I'll shut up and now, to those of you still reading... enjoy this landmark Corbin Fisher vid!


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subota, svibanj 19, 2007
Three way fuck fest - circle jerk from Corbin Fisher


I told you last week that we'd shot some super hot scenes while up at a rural farm - beautiful studs in beautiful settings made for the perfect way to spend a week! We shot a bunch of super hot scenes while up at the farm and this one in particular is a perfect way to introduce you to the action scenes shot on the farm!

I didn't realize it until after this video was shot, but Nick, Spencer and Trevor all made their debuts here on CF in quick succession. They were introduced on CF in that very same order, and so it's pretty neat to have them all together in a scorching hot trio here!

The guys were having a blast out on the farm, and both Nick and Trevor really loved the chance to be out in nature, riding horses, and exploring the endless acres of land they had at their disposal. We kick off the video with all three of the guys getting to know one of the farm's many horses, and it's pretty cute seeing city boy Spencer obviously feeling a bit awkward. Like many a city boy, he'd probably never been around an animal any larger than a squirrel or pigeon!

But don't let his initial awkwardness fool ya - once in the shed with Nick and Trevor, Spencer is right at home with the two horse cocks at his disposal (sorry, I couldn't resist that one hehe)!

The guys get in to some hot mischief and fun the likes of which every hot young college stud should with their buds. Sucking, kissing, exploring one anothers' bodies, and stroking each others' hard cocks leads to 3 hot loads blown in succession, carrying on that theme!

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srijeda, svibanj 16, 2007
Corbin Fisher -


Derek's charisma and ability to perform are matched only by just how hot he looks in action and on camera! You know that he is a master at what he does, and he reminded us of that yet again when he worked over Gage's cock in Gage's all-male debut here on Certainly, the massive load Derek worked out of Gage's big tool was proof of that!

I wanted to see these two guys go further, and see Gage blown even further away by Derek's skills by having him work Derek's hole.

That's precisely what happens in this video, as Gage gets caught up in Derek's enthusiasm and energy and is obviously blown away and entirely in to the action these hot college studs get in to. Beyond the intensity and passion, the visuals of seeing Gage stroke his cock while Derek hungrily sucks the head to seeing Gage's thick dick plowing Derek's tight hole are overwhelming. Their first round together, when Derek blew Gage, went far beyond just breaking the ice and actually lit a fire. In this vid, the guys can't keep their hands off each other. They feel each other up all over, are constantly grabbing one another's asses and rubbing each other's muscles, lick every part of one another and can't get enough of thrusting their hips and rubbing their cocks against their partner's ripped bods.

As with the last time, Derek emerges from this video with a chest caked in cum - both his own and Gage's hot load. Further, I don't think I've ever seen Gage's cock as big as it was in this video!


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nedjelja, svibanj 13, 2007
Corbin Fisher Cade and Logan


Talk about a video long in the making! In fact, I'm almost embarrassed it's taken so long to film this! Hell... I am embarrassed!

Cade is Corbin Fisher's super star top, with a cock that doesn't quit and the ability to pound a hot hole mercilessly, endlessly, and tirelessly.

Logan is CorbinFisher's star bottom, inspiring more e-mails calling to see him get fucked than any other model and eagerly willing to take on the hardest, biggest dicks among all of CF's studs.

Can you believe we've had yet to see these two paired up with Cade topping Logan? After all, it was Logan that took Cade's cherry here in CF and so the table's turning and Cade topping Logan was an absolute must!

This video's been a long time coming, and I think both Cade and Logan were fully aware of that. These guys go at it with intense enthusiasm, holding nothing back! They rim each other so deep and hard you can't help but be sure both their holes were desperate for some action as things progressed. It's Logan's hole that is set to be drilled, though, and boy does it ever get drilled! I'm not sure we've heard Logan be so vocal in all his bottoming sessions here at CF. There's no doubt whatsoever that he's not only loving every single inch of Cade's dick in his hole, but that Cade is also thoroughly enjoying pounding Logan silly. Cade gets Logan practically bent in half to start, then drills him doggystyle, and finally gets Logan on his back - a position that has Logan desperately clinging to the edge of orgasm throughout.

In e-mail after e-mail I read, CF fans want to see Cade topping more and more. Likewise, an endless stream of e-mails come in asking to see Logan take it up the ass over and over. Well, what better way to satisfy those requests (and demands!) as well as fulfill what's practically CF fate by having Cade top Logan!

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petak, svibanj 11, 2007
corbin fisher's derek gage


Seeing Derek smile makes me melt. Seeing Derek work a hard cock between those hot lips of his makes me explode! Few guys can match Derek's enthusiasm and energy, so when it came time for Gage to make his first step in some guy on guy action here at CorbinFisher, Derek was the ideal candidate to be his partner! It's most definitely clear in this video, from Gage's response to Derek's expert BJ, that this was indeed the case!

Watching this vid from start to finish is a must, as you see Derek go to work on Gage's tight bod - licking his muscles and upper body all over, as well as both studs engaging in some hot making out - before swallowing Gage's cock and giving it the royal treatment. It takes a little while for Gage's hot cock to respond to Derek's treatment, but that's one of the things that makes this video so hot to watch! You see Gage's dick gradually grow from soft to fully rockhard, all thanks to Derek's wet mouth and firm hands!

Gage's cumshot at the end of this vid totally drenches Derek's ripped chest in a hot load, even though Gage's first huge spurt flew right over and past Derek! That's one heckuva load, and it looks totally perfect all over Derek.

No doubt, if your first time in a male/male action scene on CF is with Derek, you're one lucky stud! Gage learned that fact, no doubt, and had himself quite the blast (in more ways than one!). I suspect this vid was all the more fun for Gage as he's an extremely open-minded, laid-back guy who has no problem having fun and experiencing pleasure however it's available, whether with a girl or a guy. Ya gotta love open-minded college studs!


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srijeda, svibanj 9, 2007
Cade fucks Caleb at CorbinFisher


Some of Corbin's Words of Wisdom (hah) that I've often found myself saying to many of the straight studs that have come to CFU include "There's a reason us gay guys love anal sex so much. It's not because we have some kind of gene or piece of DNA that makes a dick up the ass feel good. It's because we have no hang-ups about discovering and experiencing just how good a dick up the ass can feel!"

I find myself saying those words when one of our studs will stand before me with this look of disbelief on their face and talk about how they can't believe it can feel so good to get fucked once they've finally gotten comfortable experiencing just that (getting over the mental blocks to it as well as getting past the pain stage - a stage that, granted, is nothing to shake a stick at!). Caleb is one of those studs who have confided to me, "It sounds crazy, but sometimes I feel like I'm at the edge of cumming the entire time I'm bottoming." No, Caleb... that doesn't sound crazy! It sounds just right! :)

We've seen the huge loads Caleb blows while getting fucked, and I knew the feeling of just that tripped a trigger in him somewhere that created some intensely good feelings. So I had to see Caleb taken on The Machine - Cade and his big, thick dick! Indeed, the site of lean Caleb taking on buff Cade's huge rod is a pretty impressive one, and throughout this entire video you can see Caleb is overwhelmed by how it feels to get drilled by Cade.

I won't lie... Caleb told me that even though he's bottomed a few times for us here at CF before and that he was "at the edge of orgasm the entire time", he found it pretty difficult to take on Cade's big dick. Nonetheless, despite how big Cade was and despite the occasional splash of pain, he still couldn't get over how there was also intense pleasure the likes of which nothing else could recreate.

I like to think that many of the straight studs we have come through CFU are going back home and encouraging their girlfriends to play with their holes while blowing them, aren't shying away from slipping a finger up their ass while jerking off, or are even going out and buying themselves a dildo to treat themselves to just how good something up the ass can feel. In fact, a number of hold me they've done precisely some of the above, if not all!

Anal sex ain't a gay thing! You don't need to be gay to do it, and you don't need to be gay to enjoy it! It just feels good simply because it does, and us gay guys are lucky enough to have been aware of that for quite some time now ;) It's also one of the many lessons learned by studs like Cade and Caleb here at CFU!

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utorak, svibanj 8, 2007
Corbin Fisher Dawson and Trent naked


I absolutely love this video, as I think you will too! But the real appeal of this video comes from reasons you'll surely find quite surprising and even endearing!

As you remember from hot young stud Trent's intro video here on Amateur College Men, he expressed being bi-curious and shared that he'd even thought about Dawson while stroking that hot dick of his. I'd not originally had any intention of pairing up Dawson and Trent but when Trent mentioned how hot he found Dawson, I figured it'd be a real treat for us - as well as him! - to have his first ever guy/guy contact be with Dawson!

Indeed, when I mentioned this to Trent he was extremely excited by the idea and agreed to bottom for Dawson - losing his guy/guy cherry for all of us to see! Even Dawson was intrigued by the prospect of breaking Trent in and showing him just how much fun could be had here at CFU!

As you know, our second update of the week is the guaranteed hardcore update. This video was intended to be a hardcore video, with Dawson topping Trent. But, as you'll see, things didn't quite make it that far. And what's crazy is the fact that they didn't make it that far, and just how and why they didn't make it that far, is hot!!

Corbin Fisher's Trent was obviously nervous at the outset of this video and you can tell he was pretty overwhelmed by what was going on. But soon enough, he is insanely turned on and having a go at getting blown by a guy and sucking dick for the first time ever. When Dawson lays Trent on his back and both of these studs are making out and rubbing their cocks together, we see just how great Trent was feeling and how he was loving every bit of it!

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